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Guido Mondani Editore
Authors: Giorgia and Guido Mondani
280 pages, cm 25,5 X 31,5

Text in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish

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Available in 5 different languages, the “Total Rolex” book is a very useful guide to know every Rolex watch

With more than 1200 pictures, this book provides the main characteristics and updated market prices of all modern and vintage Rolexes.
Each chapter describes a different Rolex typology through high quality images, technical details and historical outlines.

Very easy to read, Total Rolex is ideal for every kind of watch collector, enthusiast and dealer.

This is the index of the Rolex typologies treated:

Bubble Back
Explorer I and II
Moon phases
GMT-Master I and II
Oyster Date
Oyster DateJust
Oyster DateJust II
Oyster Day-Date
Oyster Day-Date II
Oyster No Date
Submariner, Submariner Date
Turn- O-Graph
Yacht Master

Total Rolex undoubtedly represents the most complete and updated reference work on Rolex wristwatches.

This book includes an entire chapter with the updated price of every single Rolex watch and every year we will provide you the updated price list for free.

Total Rolex is an indispensable book for watch dealers, aficionados, collectors and whoever want to get closer to the Rolex world.